DONUTS 2009 podcasts…

Posted on June 26th, 2010 at 7:33 pm by Syaheed

DONUTS 2009 podcasts…


Finally got all of the donuts live mixes uploaded – quite a number as you will see. Also, we’re in the midst of sorting out our podcast episodes on iTunes and other sites for you to receive them automatically the next time you open up your iTunes.

Again, we record live and direct. Nothing abridged.

Donuts is the original Old School Hip Hop and R&B block party, held monthly at the now defunct O Bar. As we find a new home for us to continue our raw blend of music, I hope that these will help you get your fix while we prepare to blow your mind.

May 14 2009 Ollie’Des n DJ Tyler Made.mp3 Neboet.mp3

June 11 2009 Noyzfera2.mp3 Shawn Livewire.mp3 Ollie’Des.mp3

July 09 2009 Ruxta.mp3 Ko Flow.mp3 Ollie’Des.mp3

August 13 2009 Ollie’Des.mp3 Rough.mp3 J-Stylez.mp3

November 12 2009 Miguel.mp3 Garuda.mp3 J-Stylez.mp3

December 10 2009 Zushan.mp3 Ko Flow.mp3 Titus n DJ Ollie’Des.mp3

Till the next party folks…