Bedsty Bedrock Publishing

Bedsty Bedrock Publishing

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Be it through…
the music that we produce, the parties that we throw, or the designs we create;
“we aim to create and deliver an experience that you feel”

About Bedsty Bedrock Publishing

Incorporated in 2010, Bedsty Bedrock Publishing is a music publishing firm that serves to nurture & facilitate the creativity of songwriters & composers.

We manage the rights to over 300 works of a growing breed of forward-thinking, talented songwriters, composers and producers across all genres of music in the region.

Our clients include:
Alif Abdullah & Syarif (SLEEQ) – Pop
Altimet – Hip Hop / R&B
A’trez - Hip Hop / R&B
DJ Fuzz – Hip Hop / R&B and Pop
Imran Ajmain – Pop and R&B
Jessica Irawan – Gospel and Pop
Kevin Lester – Hip Hop and Pop
Riduan Zalani (Wicked Aura, Orkestar Trio, Sonofa) - Batucada, Classical, Traditional Malay, Electronic
Sheikh Haikel – Hip Hop / R&B and Pop
Tha Artist – Hip Hop / R&B, Electronic & Pop
Tim De Cotta (SIXX) – Hip Hop / R&B, Pop and Experimental
Vanessa Fernandez – R&B, Electronic & Pop

… amongst others.

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